Near real time geomagnetic data from Tihany Obs. 

(updated  every 30 minutes  ;  time : UTC)

Total field(F)diagram for Gem Systems GSM19 magnetometer:


longer time period for the same system (today and the latest seven days):



The following diagrams (X,Y,Z components) are from the main measurement system:


longer time period :

 Weekly plot :
(today and the latest 7 days ;refresh: hourly)


 Monthly plot:
(today and the latest 30 days ;refresh: hourly)


Yearly plot:
(today and the latest 365 days ;refresh: hourly)



 16 years plot :
(the latest 5866 days ;refresh: daily)

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 32 years plot :
(the latest 11735 days ;refresh: daily)

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1sec. resolution data :

( the last 15 minute interval is shown, updated every 20 minutes )

1: NAROD FGM magnetometer (H,D,Z)